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Our aspiration

The continuous development and optimisation of our processes and organisation are the cornerstones of our success and product diversity. Ongoing modernisation of our machinery is essential for us to keep up with technology and be a reliable partner for our customers. We always factor in economic as well as ecological aspects.

What we offer

CAD/CAM programming

We convert your CAD data directly into NC programs (CAM programming) and transfer them electronically to our CNC machining centres. We also record conventional geometric data from drawings in the CAM system. This enables us to simulate production processes in advance. We also apply our own functions and experience, leading to an optimised machine program. The result – greater process reliability and economy for your product.

Precision part production

We find workable solutions for a wide range of tasks in almost all areas of part machining. We manufacture ready-to-install parts from all common materials in accordance with your requirements, prototypes, drawings and specifications. Our production facilities can handle one-off production and small series, as well as large series production and everything in between.


is our passion and core competence – we give it our all, every single day.

  • CNC 5-axis machining
  • CNC lathing
  • CNC milling
  • CNC boring
  • CNC multi-axis machining
  • CNC bar machining
  • CNC multi-spindle machining
  • CNC insert machining
  • CNC complete machining
  • CNC indexing chuck machining

Assembly and apparatus engineering

Our competence and experience in module assembly is appreciated by engineering firms, start-ups and companies without in-house production capabilities. In addition, on request from the customer, we also supply complete units and systems with integrated bought-in parts. Your product is in good hands with us.

Our technology partners

Quality assurance

Our ISO 9001 integrated quality management system defines and ensures compliance with applicable quality standards for our procurement, production and customer processes. These are constantly refined in line with our CIP (continuous improvement process) strategy. Innovative measuring methods and modern measuring technologies provide high precision results for individual process evaluations and analyses. We also design product-specific testing devices and combine these with parts feeding technology and robotics to create automated testing solutions for optimum quality and efficiency.

  • SPC process analysis
  • Visual/tactile measurement testing using 3D measuring technology
  • Roughness measurement
  • Pressure testing
  • Torque testing
  • Functional testing

Supplementary services

Our goal – ready-to-install solutions in the right place and at the right time, to match our customer’s system. Take advantage of our 360° service. We combine additional in-house services with the work of external service providers to create a turnkey solution for your product.

  • Deburring, grinding, polishing
  • Surface finishing
  • Inventory management/stock control
  • Integration of customer containers and forms according to Kanban or other systems for production control
  • Integration of customer information platforms for digitised order processing
  • Shipping and invoicing


Have we aroused your interest?

We also manufacture suitable prototypes for your application area and supply ready-to-install modules according to your requirements.